Frequently Asked Questions

Q?  How do I contact the employee that has been assigned to my project?
A.  Through your assigned project manager or directly as needed via email.

Q?  How do you charge for your services? A flat rate or by the hour?
A.  Depending on your project type, your rate may be flat or hourly.

Q?  Can I get a discount if I use more than one of your services?
A.   Yes, we offer many opportunities for discounts off your rate.

Q?  How long have you been in business?
A.  Since 2009.

Q?  Is there anywhere I can go to see the past work you have done?
A.  A lot of our clients require NDAs or have on-going work that is not easily shared, so we respect their privacy. We can, however, provide references upon request or you can review our recommendations page.

Q?  Can you give me a reference list of past clientele?
A.  As stated above, we respect the privacy of our clients, but you may always read our latest testimonials. Click HERE.

Q?  Am I able to choose which employee works on my project? If yes, where can I go to learn more about your staff?
A. No, your project manager will best determine who works with you, based on your needs and number of hours as well as the current projects any particular employee has going. However, we will provide another employee to you, if the current one is not meeting your needs.

Q?  What happens if I am not satisfied with the work you have provided?
A.  We 100% guarantee our work. If we do not meet your expectations on a project, then you do not have to pay and we will work to make it right.

Q?  Why should I hire you, when someone overseas can provide similar services at a reduced rate?
A. We provide work to US-based employees only. We believe in keeping services in the US and in creating jobs for those here.