Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge Services

Would you like us to pay your bills? We won’t hand over our hard-earned cash, but we can set up your personal bill paying services within your banking software.

Our personal concierge services also include:
  • Trip itineraries – Planning all your travel needs, both domestic and international, and getting them booked.
  • Personnel research – Assisting in finding all your personnel help, including virtual assistants, nannies, and housekeeping personnel.
  • Internet research – Researching information and items such as wedding attire, necessary items, prescription drug information, cellphone carriers, car makes and models.
  • Event planning – We will organize and coordinate your Birthday or Christmas party, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Preparing paperwork – We will prepare any kind of paperwork for you.
  • Scanning photos, designing scrapbooks – Would you like to put your photos online or do you have old photos to restore?
  • Mailing greeting cards – Remembering all the dates and all your family or friends can get stressful. You will never have to worry about sending Christmas or Birthday cards again.
  • Ordering flowers and gifts – We will find the best price and the best delivery service for you.
  • Setting up and managing email accounts – Not everyone is computer savvy, and that’s not a problem. Our professionals will set up your email account, and they will provide you instructions on how to use it. Everyone’s email accounts get jammed up with many unwanted emails. They might be spam or simply unimportant to you. We will clean up your email account, and you will only have to worry about the important emails.
  • Setting up reminders – Do you forget about your family members’ events? This won’t happen anymore.
  • Scheduling appointments – We will schedule your doctor appointment for a time when it is convenient for you.
As well as anything else that you can imagine will give you more free time to enjoy what matters to you the most.