Testimonials, Reviews, and Recommendations

Here at Milrich Associates, we LOVE our clients! And, they love us too:

Allison M. Shapira, President Global Public Speaking LLC

From the moment I reached out to Milrich Associates, I was impressed by their personalized customer service and quick turnaround time. My virtual assistant has been a tremendous help and I’ve also really appreciated their design services. I highly recommend them!

Jodi Womack

I’m so glad I finally took the step to hire Milrich Associates! I’d been thinking about starting a project for about 8 months. Milrich selected a VA with experience that perfectly fit my needs. I’m now months ahead and thinking about other business projects I could use a BOOST with!

Eric D, NE RVP

As a wholesaler that works 16+ hour days (and catches up on weekends), taking extra time out of my day (that I don’t really have) to write something like this in itself is a testament to how truly grateful I am. I wanted to include you both on this quick note to recognize Olga on an amazing week so far…

She is a huge help and I greatly appreciate everything she does!

Jordan P.

If you haven’t had a chance to work with Wholesaler Masterminds Schedulers I strongly recommend giving them a try. They’re professional and very adaptable to fit the specific needs of your territory and style of work. They helped to greatly increase the number of advisors contacted and meetings scheduled per week.


I have been using WMM Scheduler services for almost 2 years. My scheduler is excellent. Her attentiveness to detail and willingness to go above the call of duty is so appreciated by me. Her work ethic is outstanding, she is not only reactionary but is very proactive and thinks ahead of me. She keeps me effective. She is invaluable and I only can hope she never leaves.

Erin C.

I was writing a thank you letter to the kids for camp people.
And while writing I realized I would not have had that teaching opportunity if it was not for your help while I was on my honeymoon.

I am deeply thankful for your help through the years, it has truly changed the course of my life.

Lynn Schulte-Leech, PT

I can’t thank you enough for all your hard and beautiful work you’ve done for me.  I am so excited and blessed to have you as my VA!


Thank you for the detailed feedback. Great work!

Beth V. Walker

Milrich Associates is a great partner in getting things done!  When I need to outsource anything – and I mean anything – they are the first place I turn.  From marketing to technical issues to bookkeeping – you name it, they can handle it.

They’ve really helped me manage my business more effectively!

David Castro

This is my first time using a VA and I’ve had an excellent experience with Milrich Associates. This organization has been professional, dependable and a pleasure to work with from the moment I was first referred to them. Thank you Milrich.